Winter 2016 fashion layering

I love this look. Layering is the best thing when it comes to winter. The trick with super stylish layering is to play with textures and use colours that work together.

Reworking items and styling them to suit different occasions is our best bet. Slipping a long sleeved tee underneath a floral midi dress will make it wearable in the winter months, just as a silk shirt layered beneath an LBD has the potential to make it day time appropriate.

Textures are important when it comes to layering. Contrasting fabrics bring out different dimensions in one other. Pair a velvet or satin top with a piece of knitwear, it will automatically grant it a more casual edge. To similar effect, try a ribbed knit under a crisp, open shirt.

A tunic-style shirt underneath a thin cashmere jumper, topped with a cropped jacket is a sure winner. Try having snippets of the different fabrics peeping through.  Why not also try a more drastic contrast and wear a long-line cardigan underneath a leather jacket?

A love of layers doesn’t mean you have to lose your waist. A long- line sleeveless jacket belted over a pair of wide leg trousers is a particularly glamorous take on this idea. Try a cardigan readily equipped with a belt, or even better, a kimono style jacket 

Bursts of different colours make for an exciting outfit, but so too do different shades. Try layering different hues of cream, camel or grey; a trick favoured by the street style stars. That’s not to say this technique requires neutral colours to be effective. Experiment with different tones of blue for a look that’s cool and understated.

A final touch? A necklace, whether it is an intricate chain or a statement neckpiece it adds that bling layer that every look can use.

Street style inspiration:

Still feeling unsure on how to layer your outfits for winter.  Scroll below for street style inspiration to have to layering like a pro!

Are you a fan of the layered look? do you layer? have any tips for us?
tell us by leaving a comment below.

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Cool Ways To Wear The Turtleneck Trend This Season

The Ultimate Guide to the Turtleneck

I love a good turtleneck, It's a perfect autumn and winter staple that is great for cold days wearing and I have seen turtlenecks sweeping across the streets and they come in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes. The great thing about turtlenecks is that are not just a stylish garment but also a functional one, as the high neck will keep you warm and protect you against the wind chill.

The turtleneck design lends itself well to layering so you can pair it with a leather jacket for a more edgy look, wear it under a plaid coat, a structured blazer or even a cute sleeveless dress. And pair it with a pencil skirts, or fit-and-flare skirts, a pair of mom jeans or wide legged trousers or wear them as a pop of colour underneath an outfit and accessorise them with a great necklace.

There are so many ways to rock this trend and make it your own and the turtleneck is such a versatile piece, which will ensure that you can mix and match it with almost all the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

A big wool turtleneck definitely has a different vibe than the more sleek versions.  In my mind, thick wool turtlenecks have more of a cozy casual winter vibe, whereas tighter fitting cotton styles are more formal and sleek. Both are good.

Street Style inspiration: 

Not sure how to style your turtle neck, keep scrolling for street style inspiration to get you wearing your turtleneck in style.

How do you feel about the turtleneck? Do you have any tips on how to wear them or what to consider when buying? Any other fashion items you'd like to know more about? Leave a comment and let me know!
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Colour Combo to Try: Orange + Burgundy

I love the colour burgundy and lucky for me, it is always a big colour for Fall! This month's Colour Combo post Orange & Burgundy -  A bold shade like orange needs to be balanced with something darker, which is why we chose to pair it with a deep, rich burgundy. The resulting combination is unexpectedly chic and absolutely perfect for autumn/winter!

Try pair burgundy skinny jeans with a bold orange-coloured sweater. A orange dress with burgundy cardigan works well together.  If orange is not your colour but still want to rock the trend, go for a full burgundy look and add pops of orange to your accessorise.
Need some outfit ideas before you rock this colour combo? Simply scroll on down to check out four stylish outfits featuring burgundy and orange:

Would you ever pair orange with burgundy? What do you think of these outfits? Which one is your favourite? How would you wear these colours together? What other colour combos would you like to see featured here? Remember to leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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Wear SHORTS In Autumn & Winter

The SHORTS-in-the-cold-season look has definitely translated into a trend for the past couple of years.

Since shorts show a lot of skin, you need to work with those made from heavy fabrics for autumn and winter. Materials such as denim, brocade, tweed, corduroy and wool are great choices. Not only are they fashionable, the thick fabric will help keep you warm.

To keep your legs from turning into ice, make sure to layer your shorts with tights. Break out of the box by choosing a teal or burgundy (or even the printed ones.) Add more flair (and keep warm along the way) by adding a pair of fashionable knee-high socks.

Shorts instantly look fantastic paired with autumn and winter items: sweaters, shirts, vests, jackets, coats and what not. In terms of shoes, which set the tone for the whole look, anything goes from ballet flats, to biker boots, to sky high heels, to sneakers.

Street style inspiration:

Still feeling unsure on how to wear your shorts this cold season.  Keep scrolling for street style inspiration to get you wearing your shorts with style this winter!

Do you wear shorts in the cold season?
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