Clothing Care

 Clothing is an expensive investment and proper care of your investment will help ensure a longer shelf life for all your wearables.  Most of your day to day cotton clothes can go straight into the wash.  Some things need a little extra care.

Take a peak at the label.  If it says “dry clean only” there’s likely a good reason.  Those garments usually have delicate fabrics or structure that will be compromised by a bath in your washing machine.  Unless you’re positive that you won’t mess up your clothes, send them to the cleaners.

If you have garments with delicate details, sweaters with open stitches that might snag or wool,  you can save by washing them in your kitchen sink.

do not put bras through the washing machine and under NO circumstances put  bras through the dryer.  If you put a bra in with the rest of your stuff, you will dramatically cut it’s life.  Your elastic will bust, your underwires will poke through and you’ll generally look like a lumpy mess.  No one wants lumpy boobs.

Some tips and general care!

* Care labels provide helpful information that can save you time and money.

* Close zippers and other fasteners to prevent snagging. Also, loosely tie strings and sashes to prevent tangling.

* Empty out pockets of tissues or other odds and ends which can make a mess of your laundry.

* Treat spots, stains and heavily soiled areas.

* Sort clothes. Separate the white clothes from the coloured ones.

Loosen dirt by soaking the white clothes in cold water

* turn all tops and washable skirts inside out, to minimize fabric-rub. Same for jeans. 

* To prevent mildew from forming in a leather purse during storage, fill the purse with crumpled newspaper and leave it unfastened.

* When you buy a new garment, dab the center of each button with clear nail polish to seal the threads.

* Wash bulky items (like bed linens) in one load and small items (like socks or underwear) in another.
* Just as whites don't stay white, black materials often fade to, well, off-black. This happens because the excess dye that's put on when the fabric is made so it looks really black in the store wears off quickly. While there's no fix-it once it's happened, for new items, use detergents with anti-fade formulas.
* Rub zipper teeth occasionally with wax to keep the zipper working smoothly. The stub of a candle works well for this procedure.

* You can de-wrinkle clothing in a hurry by running hot water into the bathtub and hanging the garment on the shower rod. The steam will remove the wrinkles.

* Dab ice water or stain remover onto food stains immediately , so it does not set. Do not rub.

* Remove the clothes from the dryer and hang them up immediately. Button the top button on shirts, and hang blouses neatly on the hanger. Smooth the fabric with your hand, so as to avoid wrinkles. Iron out any wrinkles that might occur.

* Hang your clothes in the closet, and make sure they are not all crowded or crushed together. They need breathing room or they will become all wrinkled and slip off the hangers and land on the floor.

* Excessive cleaning of clothing wears it out sooner.  Some garments can be worn more than once before washing or cleaning if you give them just a little care when you remove them.
* When you iron or press clothes, use the proper heat setting for the type of fabric.  An iron that is too hot can ruin fabrics in an instant.  Pressing very delicate fabrics should be done with care, and using a press cloth adds another layer of protection. 

* Use good quality hangers that support your clothes.  Flimsy wire hangers allow clothes to sag out of shape.  Over time they may even cause damage to the shoulders of garments. 

* Don't cram clothes into the dryer — it will take much longer for them to dry, and it increases wrinkling. Never add wet items to a half-dried load.

* Develop the habit of using the seams of your clothing to guide your folding. At first it is slower, but it's more efficient, keeps garments in better shape and saves so much space.  

Your clothes are a reflection of you.  Ripped and tattered clothing doesn’t project the image most of us want out there.  If you drop a hem, lose a button or rip a seam your garment needs to be fixed.   You can do it yourself if you’re remotely handy with a needle or you can pay someone to fix it for you.  For anything more dramatic or for full alterations see a tailor.

Following the cleaning instructions on the garment label will save your clothes from damage.  Your clothes help you look amazing, so stop being so abusive to them! Taking better care of your clothes will make them last longer. 


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Pure elegance!

Pure elegance!

Bardot sleeveless top
$82 -

Vero Moda printed blazer
$62 -

ONLY zip pants
$37 -

Truth or dare shoes
$170 -

Cole Haan zipper bag

Reeds jeweler

Monsoon bangle bracelet

$72 -

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Date night

Date night

ONLY long sleeve shirt
$25 -

Floral skirt
$30 -

Platform high heels

Coast pearl bracelet
$46 -

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Style tip 8: Basic Wardrobe planning!

Everything in your wardrobe should suit your body shape, style, lifestyle and personality.  Too many of us wear only a small fraction of our clothes whilst the remainder languishes in dry-cleaning bags stuffed at the back of the wardrobe.  Anyone can put together a basic wardrobe even on a limited budget. By shopping for and selecting certain classic pieces, you can have an all purpose, stylish wardrobe that will suit all your fashion needs.

Wardrobe planning is ensuring that all the garments in your wardrobe are ready to wear and are in rotation to be worn at some point this season.  Reviewing your wardrobe each season to decide what will stay and what will get replaced so that your wardrobe remains up-to-date

Box up clothing which, regardless of size, you don’t like and isn’t your style. Give away.

The first thing to consider when putting together a wardrobe is colour. Pick two basic, neutral colours that you can build you wardrobe around. The most versatile basic colours are black, brown, grey, navy and beige. Once you have decided on colours, you can start shopping.

It's usually best to spend more money on classic pieces that will stay in style, rather than trendy pieces. If you have limited funds, here is where you will probably be spending most of them.

Next is to find a few pairs of pants that can worn with a variety of tops as well as the suit jackets from your suits.  A pair of rayon or wool black pants is a great item to have in your closet. Black pants go with everything from a nice blouse to a tee shirt.  A couple of casual but fashionable pairs of pants is the next thing to focus on. You want to look for something nice enough to wear to work, but casual enough that you could wear them on the weekend. Cotton is a good fabric to look for here. 

Next is to find separate tops that can be worn with your suits as well as with slacks, casual pants, skirts and even jeans. A nice, white button down shirt is a staple of any wardrobe. They come in many styles and in many prices depending on fabric, quality, etc. The basic white button down shirt will with pretty much everything. Other tops - here's where you can interject some colour or a little trendy style. When you buy something trendy that is not going to be in style for very long, do not invest a lot of money in it. Look for sales, lower end stores that still carry trendy items.

Tee shirts are also great. You can get tee shirts in rayon, silk, or basic cotton. They do wonders for a wardrobe. The right tee shirt can dress up an outfit or play and down and make it more casual. They are also a great way to introduce colour into an outfit. 

With some time and effort, you can make 10 - 15 pieces into 25 or more outfits. Just take your time, shop carefully and always think about how what you are looking out will fit in to your overall collection.

Being aware of current trends so you can decide if and how you wish to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.

Remember to have fun with your looks and outfit choices. after all that is what Fashion is all about!
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How to be your own fashion stylist

Everyone wants to look her best. Many of us would spend so much money in order for us to feel beautiful. However, there are times when we often spend it on things that are not suitable for us. It is such a waste of money when we actually spend so much on clothes and cosmetics that aren’t even fitting to us or worse, it would even looks bad on us!

A Fashion stylist. Is a person who knows what’s in and what’s out, what’s you and what needs to be burned, the one who makes you look fabulous without making it look like you tried at all. Don’t have one of those people in your speed dial? Neither do we. No worries, though. You don’t need a personal stylist. You just need to master these steps. 

1. Find your signature style
Find a look that’s all your own based on your personality, your body and your lifestyle.
Once you’ve chosen the look that’s you, stick to it and ask yourself do they really look good on your figure?  (check out blog post - style tip 2 here!) Be honest with yourself. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time for the fun part– shopping!

2. Begin with the basics
Building a wardrobe actually starts with purging. Go through your closet and toss or donate everything that doesn’t fit or flatter. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better idea of what you have to work with and what you need to put on your shopping list.  (check out blog post - style tip 3 here!)
It can take years to build your wardrobe, but you don’t need to have your closet full in order to rock your signature look. Just make sure that the things you buy are the right things. Five items we recommend: a pair of jeans, a handbag, a basic pair of shoes, a jacket and a staple accessory such as a watch, a strand of pearls or a goes-with-everything belt. As you continue to expand your wardrobe, think systematically: know what’s already in it. Before you buy anything, make sure it goes with something you already own. That way, you’ll get maximum use out of minimal pieces.

 3. Pay attention to detail
There’s a lot more to a look than just a dress, shoes and bag. Reflect on the total picture when piecing together your ensemble for a meeting, a date or a night out. From lip and nail color to hairstyle and even skin tone, the difference between “eh” and “wow” is all in the little things. If it sounds like too much to handle, then just make sure to limit your options when you shop. Can’t afford a spray tan? Don’t buy a dress that washes you out. Hate wearing Spanx? Find an ensemble that flatters your curves on its own.

5. Play dress up
Experimenting with separates, accessories and trends isn’t the best way to establish your style; it’s the only way. Rather than rushing in and out of stores like you’re on a mission, take a Saturday afternoon to invest in yourself and your appearance. Try colours you haven’t tried before, and be open to new silhouettes and trends. Don’t have the time or patience for the dressing room?  Mix, match and be meticulous until you create a look that’s perfect for you. When you feel fabulous in what you’re wearing, that’s when you know you’ve mastered your style.

Become a fashion stylist as a career a good place to start is to Study fashion and seek out a fashion styling internship early in your training process, the earlier the better.  First of all, you need to have a good eye. Secondly, some sort of fashion education helps, but isn’t necessary. Ultimately it is about assisting other stylists while learning the ropes, and then hopefully being able to go out on your own. To be a stylist you should have a certain confidence and your own original point of view of fashion—without being too pushy, snobby or bossy. You need to be able to stand up and handle your job and be the expert.

  • Be technically good at fitting clothing to someone.
  • Be creative and have an eye for what works and what doesn’t and be well studied about trends, designers, points of reference, your city, your market, the market’s clients, your competition.
  • Be able to direct and listen and be strong and humble.

You are your best advertising. Remember you are in the business of image and presentation. Make sure that you always look your best. You never know where you will meet your next client.
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Metallic Women's Fashion Trend

Metallics have been spotted everywhere. This is a perfect way to dress up or down for the day. It's also a great way to add sparkle to your outfit and to make a statement.  From flirty, feminine frocks and shimmering pencil skirts, to iridescent pastel coats and delicate brocade jackets, everything fashion option has had a metallic make-over.

Metallic adds a rich texture to classic designs like pencil skirts, tailored trousers and A-line dresses.  Heels and handbags, sparkly sequin toppers, coated denim, tone-on-tone metallic and prints. Gold and silver pieces create richness and playful elegance while putting a fresh spin on more timeless looks. Mirror foils, statement metal prints, sparkling materials and holographic finishes, its all the rage!

Although metallic fabrics, laces, trims and embellishments are big this season, they are not stark and in-your-face. They must be subtle and elegantly used to highlight and accentuate the femininity and delicacy of the season’s silhouettes

If you want to wear a metallic gown or a maxi, team it with a jersey or denim jacket, a modern hairstyle and make-up.

Make a unique statement with pastel metallics to give a delicate addition to your style. Lilac, pink, mint, and aqua tones to influence your wardrobe; get imaginative and add some flavor in to your closet.

Pair metallics with neutrals. it can be much easier to incorporate metallics into your wardrobe by wearing them with neutrals.  By using neutrals to balance out a metallic piece you can keep your look on-trend without going over the top. Pair a metallic pencil skirt with a cream or grey sweater or tone down a pair of sequined cropped pants with a fitted shirt in basic black or pearly white. 

If you are not daring enough to wear the head-to-toe metallic outfit, consider sequin-embellished items that are a more traditional and safe option.  As for the accessories, try to keep them subtle or even refuse wearing them in order to balance the bold metallic.  Or give metallic nail polish or makeup a try.

Regardless whether you prefer to embrace this loud trend in full or simply complement your looks with metallic shoes, you will definitely make a statement with your look and become center of attention. 






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