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I love a crisp white blazer.  It is Spring's answer to Fall's essential leather jacket. With white being a strong trend this season, the white blazer is ready for its spotlight!  White is a very elegant and timeless colour but neutral so it goes with everything.

Wear a White Blazer with gem tones, neutrals, and animal or other prints. Or Use a White Blazer to create a backdrop to showcase texture like prints, leather, rouching, and pleating.  Whether it’s for a day, work, or evening, a White Blazer can pull an outfit together. Here are my styling tips:

Play with layering and wear a tunic and skinny jeans, or colour block with a rich toned blouse and skirt. 

Pair a white blazer with a whimsical Spring dress for an effortlessly pulled-together outfit or the blazer-and-shorts look works perfectly on both petite and tall girls. The Structure of the blazer really balances the feminism, softness, and casual vibe of floral pieces. 

For those who think floral is too girly, and want to try something sexy. You can pair a white blazer with animal prints! The pure and clean white blazer makes the wild and sexy print dress so stylish. Keep the colour palette neutral, like black and white, then add a bold coloured bag to brighten up the whole look.

Instead of the usual LBD, try out a blazer and jumpsuit for your next party. The black-and-white contrast demands attention.

A white blazer looks amazing paired with pastels and pair with tough accessories for a cunning ladylike look.

A blazer can instantly add polish to a pair of jeans. Create a casual, yet sharp look with a white blazer, flared jeans, a flowy silk top, and pointy-toe pumps. Perfect for a casual work environment or your next lunch date.

Wear white on white. This is one of my favourite pairings. It looks sweet, elegant yet modern and chic.  Too scared to rock all white? Totally don’t blame you by the way – I am like a stain magnet. Go for all black topped with a white blazer instead.

white blazer fashion trend
Maison Margiela Crepe Blazer

white blazer shop online
Paule Ka Belted Blazer

white blazer trend
UINSTONE Women's Shawl Blazer

white blazer fashion trend shop
HyBrid & Company Double Notch Lapel White Blazer

Here are some ideas of how to wear a White Blazer:
white blazer trend street style

White blazer fashion trend street style

white blazer fashion trend street style

white blazer monochrome street style

white blazer trend street style

white blazer trend street style

white blazer fashion trend street style

white blazer street style

White blazer celeb style - Nicole Richie

white blazer street style fashion

white blazer street style

I hope these white blazer style tips have given you some inspiration! Till' next time xo


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A guide to Print Mixing

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When it comes to fashion these days, there are no rules. We’ve seen it all: Plaids and polka-dots, florals with animal print, sequins and sneakers, geometric patterns and graphic prints with stripes.… and mixing prints is something you can't ignore these days.

Get crafty and let your imagination run wild. Mix and match all the season's fantastic print trends.  
Print mixing is one of the more difficult trends to pull off. But when done right, mixed prints can look wildly high-fashion.


It’s important to build your ensemble around one key print piece whether that be a loud floral skirt or animal print blazer, use this as your starting point. If you’re new to mixing, once you have picked your key print piece try adding a printed accessory instead of another piece of printed clothing. This will help you to ease into mixing.

Colours are important - During your first attempt at mixing patterns, try mixing a piece that has a lighter or neutral colour with one that is bolder or more eye-catching. Let the colour of one piece pop, while the other piece creates an aspect of “calm” instead of having 2 colours that are almost competing for attention.

Another good colour tip is to pair prints that are within the same colour group. The boldness of the prints will not seem as sharp if the other prints are closer to the same colour.

Dots and Stripes work well together, it may sound odd, but they create such a contrast to one other that it actually works when done the right way. This is usually a good way to start mixing prints before jumping into more complex prints such as tribal or animal prints.

Proportion, Proportion, Proportion - Knowing how to play with the size of the patterns is important. Certain sizes can create an illusion of something being smaller or larger than it actually is. For example, pairing thin stripes and thick stripes can create a balance, emphasise your waistline and distract the eye from certain areas. 

Option To Separate - One easy way to wear prints and not feel as if the look is too overbearing, separate the prints with a solid item. For example, if you wear a printed top with a printed skirt, then wear a basic belt or cardigan. The separation of prints decreases the boldness of the mixed prints but you still get the same edgy effect.

Test out textures - Mix pieces together and figure out which combinations are pleasing to you and what you are comfortable in. At the end of the day, your comfort in the look is the most important. 

Here are a few chic mixed print pieces that will ensure you are on trend this season.
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Know your body shape

Know your body shape

Every woman dreams of a perfect figure but unfortunately not all of us are blessed with an excellent figure. All women have curves but usually the curves appear at places where we do not want them. Knowing whether you’re an apple, a pear, or something else entirely, will help you figure out what will look good on you and what to avoid.

Pear shaped body: Wider hips and thighs, Narrower shoulders, Wider bottom, Smaller bust.  

Pear shaped women should - love vertical lines, V-necks and skirts with slits up the side. Wide necklines such as boatneck or scoopneck style that can widen the shoulders and balance your bottom half. 

Pear shaped women should wear bright, colourful tops that draw attention upward, toward the face, neck, shoulders and bust, rather than down to the hips and thighs. Bold patterns and flattering necklines will also draw attention away from your hips. Halter tops and strapless tops are also good choices for pear shaped women. 

You should wear dark colour bottoms for the slimming effect. Padded bras and shoulder pads will make your tops hang differently. They’ll make your bust and shoulders look slightly bigger, to match your wider hips. 

Avoid wearing jackets and tops which end at your bum as it draws attention to your lower half. So stop hiding and covering your hips by wearing longer jackets. To avoid making your hips look larger, Choose jackets and tops which reach your hipbones to achieve the right look.

Rectangular shaped body: Undefined Waist, Narrower Hips, Small Bust 

Rectangular shaped women should wear pattern. Wear deep U and V-neck tops and any tops that have some drama to them. Layered and sheer, asymmetrical, embellished, textured, looser soft tops belted in and structured fitted tops are all good choices. Also pin tuck fitted shirts are great and fairly easy to find. for this body type can use fabrics that have a bit of structure to them, like slightly stiffer fabric with some pleating or gathers around the hips.

Fitted jackets that go to the top of the hipbone - like a crisp white shirt and an A-line skirt, cinched in at the waist with a belt. Choose an a-line that has some interesting detail at the top part of the hips like pockets or interesting fabric embellishment. Also a stiffer fabric with a pattern, if you like will give you symmetry with your top half.

Keep it simple at the hemline. For the rectangular body type, look for an interesting waistband or attention-grabbing belts to help give definition to your waist. Look for some that have interesting pockets for both the front and back or an interesting waistband. Also a pant legs that have curves such as a boot cut or bell-bottom’s will give you a more curvy appearance. 

Wearing something tailored alone without any waist-hugging details will only enhance your rectangle body shape. So your main goal should be to create a waist on your figure and add more width to your upper and lower part -- transforming your body into a proportionate hourglass shape. Emphasise a pair of lean legs, toned shoulders, etc. Make the best out of your body shape!

Hourglass shaped body: Bust and hips nearly the same size, Well defined waist, Full Bust, Shapely Legs.

Hourglass shaped women should embrace them curves and show off your most envied assets; your perfect proportions and tiny waist. Be careful not to overdo your clothes with ruffles, bows and other frills as your figure itself is enough to draw attention so keep everything simple and you’ll be smashing.

The vertical striped tops can be a good way of elongating your body especially if the garment is fitted or gathered in, this will give the effect of drawing the stripes into your narrow waist area. wear pants that fit from the widest point of your hip and drape down. Flared or a wider leg would flatter you, High-waisted, will emphasise the curve of your hip without making your bottom half look big. Skinny jeans just make your ankles look thin and your hip wide. The lighter jeans are, the more chunky they make you look no matter how cute they are on the hanger. Think about flat-front, side-zip and pocketless pants, as they minimise your full hips and bottom. 

Wear straight cut skirts to enhance your lovely curves. If you’re a little curvier, an A-line skirt would help balance you out. Wear bias-cut dresses with enough room to shift. These dresses will crease in at your natural waist, as long as the fabric is lightweight and drapes well. 

Seek to emphasise your waist without highlighting your curves by colour blocking your outfits. Choose a dark bottom and a lighter top, with a belt that matches the pant or skirt.
wear a very supportive bra to keep the girls proud. Sagging bust lines make you look heavier and your waist larger.

Apple shape body: Larger Bust. Broader Shoulders. Narrower Hips. Less Defined Waist

Apple shaped women should Avoid low-rise pants, which often lead to the dreaded “muffin top". Instead, look for pants with a wider waistband to help hold in your tummy. Focus on dark colour trousers and dresses as they help to create a clean, straight line from the hip to the ankle.

Choose pants with a bootcut or flared leg. Skinny leg styles will emphasise your thin limbs, making your middle section look larger by comparison.

It’s all about the waist. Think high-waist and empire waist styles, Empire waist tops and dresses are the best pick for apple shaped figure as these tops are designed so beautifully to flatter you which will emphasise your smallest part: just below the bust. Choose tops with attractive necklines like V-necks which help to draw attention to the face and upper section of the body. Belted jackets give the illusion of a smaller waist and trim your tummy.

By choosing styles that cinch you here, you create the illusion that your waist is smaller than it really is, and the fabric flows out, camouflaging your tummy and hips. Jackets help to hide the problematic areas of the body and emphasise your arms and shoulders beautifully. Keep away from boxy and oversized tops too as they make you look larger and shapeless.

Petite women

Petite women should avoid chunky clothes and strong prints. Instead go for fitted shapes and soft fabrics, narrow belts subtle contrasts of colour and texture. Keep everything streamlined so as not to cut the body in half.

Avoid wearing bright or light tops with dark bottoms. This breaks up the vertical line and makes a person appear even shorter than she is. Avoid garments with horizontal lines or large prints. Horizontal lines add width and make us look even shorter than we are, and large prints can overpower a small frame. Vertical lines and small prints, on the other hand, are a great way to add colour and style to an outfit while elongating your vertical line. One way to lengthen your silhouette is by showing a little skin! 

Three-quarter length sleeves, scoop-neck or V-neck shirts, and knee-length or shorter skirts all work well on the petite frame. Avoid skirts and pants that hit mid-calf, although longer skirts and pants can be flattering and elongating if the hem meets your shoes. Low-rise pants and skirts are also flattering on petite women, as they lengthen the appearance of the torso. High-waisted pants and skirts, on the other hand, create a strong horizontal line, especially when paired with a tucked-in blouse. In addition, look for elongating vertical lines in the cut of the garment, like pleats in a skirt or long lapels on a jacket.

Busty women Make sure that you have a bra that fits...
Should wear eye-catching skirts (shorter if you are comfortable) and trousers, strong prints and colours or textures draw the eye away from the top half of the body.

Shirts with a v-neck or u-neckline make your bust look a little higher and more proportional. Look for tank tops with wider straps. A-line styles and wide legged pants. These will make your bust look more proportionate with the rest of your body Wearing a single block of colour is thinning. Avoid eye-catching tops, instead wear long jackets that draw the eye down. Darker coloured tops which are loose fitting and waist hugging. a busty woman should be careful not to add too much bulk around the bust.

Tall women should wear High-waisted styles, wide-leg pants, it makes a long torso look more in proportion, delivering an "instant hourglass look," 

Wear the right skirt length, too short or too long will be out of proportion. keep everything streamlined. tall women can indulge in wide belts. can tuck shirts into pants and skirts to create a horizontal line to show off their waist line. can wear horizontal patterns and textured fabrics. Play up your height with tall clothes: long lines, knee-high boots (with heels), long hair. Look for bias-cut dresses, straight skirts and fitted blouses. Don't ever try to minimise your arms, legs, hands or neck; they are sexy features, and longer is better.

Thank you so much for reading my post on know your body shape!
Till' next time xo


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Houndstooth Pattern

Why You Need Houndstooth in Your Closet

I have always loved the houndstooth pattern, I find the pattern to be timeless, and the wonderful thing about houndstooth is how adaptable it is.  You can use it to create a very runway-inspired look or wear it more traditionally; either way, it is quite chic.  Houndstooth is a classic menswear print that Chanel had made famous for women in the 60’s.  The pattern has been around for over decades in its classic black and white shades but now is making a comeback in a variety of colours as well.  

If you are brave and bold enough, try wearing houndstooth from head to toe.  The simplest and easiest ways, of course, is to wear a houndstooth printed dress.  You can also get in on the suiting trend and rock a houndstooth suit or, if you want something more flexible and something that offers you more freedom and options, you can simply wear whatever you feel like wearing and top it off with a houndstooth coat.

The Houndstooth pattern makes for great work-wear.  The simplest way to wear this trend is to wear a houndstooth printed jacket over your formals to work.  Also, a houndstooth blazer can easily go from day to night.

The check now comes in a multitude of fabrications and colours, seen on tweed texture pants and slinky silk shirts, there’s something both modern and classic about it.  Pick one piece and keep the rest of the outfit clean and neutral—houndstooth is bold enough to be the sole focal point or a houndstooth accessory, like a handbag or scarf, to keep you from being overwhelmed.  Trust me, you’ll get addicted.

Now, for the really bold and adventurous fashionistas out there, here’s something more challenging: wear houndstooth with other prints. The print on print trend is still in full force so why not add the houndstooth print to your arsenal of printed patterns to mix and match?


1.  ALEXANDER WANG Printed Top with Peplum
2.  BOUTIQUE MOSCHINO Houndstooth Blazer
3.  RED VALENTINO Virgin Wool Dress
4.  FALIERO SARTI Printed Scarf with Virgin Wool, Cashmere and Silk
Houndstooth pattern poncho wrap
Hand By Hand Aprileo Houndstooth Poncho Wrap

Houndstooth black sexy dress
Miusol Women's Formal Houndstooth-Print Dress


Aimee Song in a classic houndstooth matching skirt suit set.

Balmain Pre-Fall 2017 collection

Sofie valkiers

Akris Resort 2017 Fashion Show.

Ellery Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Show

Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini Autumn:Winter 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Wanda Nylon Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Thank you so much for reading my post on the Houndstooth pattern!
Till' next time xo

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